There is perhaps nobody that has more experience understanding how cannabis can help PTSD than Dr. Sue Sisley, especially when it comes to helping veterans. Learn why big pharma is trying to stop Dr. Sisley’s groundbreaking research.

Key Takeaways:
1:53 – Dr. Sisley’s background
3:51 – Dr. Sisley talks about where the cannabis is obtained for her research
10:12 – Understanding PTSD
16:31 – Dr. Sisley talks about what CBD is best used for
21:36 – Dr. Sisley discusses the conflict with the University of Arizona
31:24 – Are there sinister forces blocking cannabis legalization
33:56 – The effects of opiates on the liver
35:58 – Dr. Sisley discusses how her research is progressing in Colorado
44:13 – Dr. Sisley discusses if psychedelics are helpful with PTSD
47:21 – Follow Dr. Sisley’s work

You can also listen to the full interview here (Source)

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