After years of debate and planning, medical cannabis distribution started July 1 in Minnesota.

A Golden Valley family thought they would have to wait months before their sick child would receive medical marijuana. But a doctor approved 3-year-old Harlow Hundley for the program June 29.

Harlow suffers from Dravet syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy, which causes daily seizures.

"Seizures are one of the most scariest things to watch, so to have your own child suffer from daily seizures and seeing how it impacts her ability to participate in activities is heart breaking," says Harlow's mom, Beth Hundley. "It literally takes life away from her."

Beth says Harlow has hundreds of tiny seizures a day. To keep the seizures at bay, Harlow is on five medicines a day plus supplements. Now, in addition to that, she's takes medical cannabis twice daily. Although it's only been a week of taking medical cannabis, her mom says Harlow is already showing signs of improvement.

"She was brighter, happier, more vocal," said Beth.

She also says Harlow is not having as many seizures. The family says they are cautiously optimistic.

"It's too early to know if this is going to be the new norm, but we're going to pray that it is," said Beth.

Harlow will stay on the low dose of medical marijuana for two weeks. Her parents will take notes and then report back to their doctor after two weeks. The doctor doesn't want to change any of her current medicines at this time to see if the medical marijuana is having an impact. [Source]

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