The second day of the 2015 Medical Cannabis Bike Tour began in the Dutch town of Weert. Over 80 riders and volunteers set off from the town on the second leg of a 3 day, 420km sporting cannabis odyssey through Europe that took place in June 2015. The participants were riding to raise funds for cancer research that focuses on the use of cannabinoids and is based on research conducted by a science team in Madrid.

The weather was fine, conditions were good and with a lot of flat ground the pace of the leading pelaton, of up to 20 riders, was a consistent 30-35 km/ph, with top speeds of 45km /ph. The pelatons that followed them showed the diversity of the MCBT experience - some matching the fast speeds of the leading pack (only with more breaks to admire the green scenery), whereas for other riders, it was all about enjoying a ride in the sunshine. [Source]

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